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Beaufort, NC: A Treasury of Significant Town History

A major contribution to town history, Mary Warshaw’s latest 228-page volume preserves important research she has gathered over many years, and provides the reader with a fully documented overview of Beaufort's fascinating history. Along with significant events, residents, and actual documents, included in this volume are rare images, maps, articles, memories, letters, and excerpts from other historians—all to offer unique insight into Beaufort’s past.

As noted by Andrew C. Wells – lifetime member of the Carteret County Historical Society: “Materials gathered from many authoritative and first-hand reminiscences, give Warshaw's work a truly authentic foundation from which a solid chronological narrative of the town emerges.”

Sea of Destiny Series - Mermaids, Yachts & Rum and Mermaids, Yachts & Karma

Sea of Destiny Series by Beaufort local Joni Dennis
1st - Mermaids, Yachts & Rum - In this book, a young girl from a small seaport town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, casts herself into the sea and into a passage unknown...the world of yachting. Knowing that she has to expand her horizons, she trusts in herself enough to travel to the Caribbean on a 41-foot sailboat with three strangers. During the first year, she embarks on a career as a chef, stewardess, and first mate on yachts in the Caribbean and sails across the Atlantic for the next season, following the sun, and sea of adventure. Each new yacht brings experiences of a lifetime...

2nd - Mermaids, Yachts & Karma - In this book, Breeze sails across the Atlantic Ocean to Spain, finding herself in the midst of a seaport filled with punk rockers. Dressed in her sarong, she feels out of place, but running into an old friend from North Carolina makes her feel connected again. He takes her back to the yacht he’s working on and finds that it’s spitting distance from the one she delivered from the Caribbean. Having run into him after sailing 4,500 miles with 5 lunatics for weeks on end, was Karmic enough, but having this close-to-home experience lets her know she’s on the right path. She joins his crew and cruises through the Mediterranean, enjoying the cultures and food as she makes her way through yet another Trans-Atlantic. As the days and weeks go by she sees that nothing happens by chance. It’s all in divine order as she experiences her first motor yacht adventure on the high seas...

The Smuggler's Gambit

In Emerald Isle author Sara Whitford's first historical fiction novel, The Smuggler's Gambit, set in mid-18th century Beaufort, she weaves together colonial-era adventures that incorporate true life historical facts with stories inspired by her own decades of research.  ___________________________________
When 17-year-old Adam Fletcher is forced into an apprenticeship, he unwittingly becomes a pawn in a smuggling war. Soon, he's forced to make a tough decision. Will he agree to become a spy performing a civic duty to the Crown? Or will he risk everything - possibly even putting his own family in danger - to protect his new master? Secrets will be revealed, loyalties will be questioned, betrayals will be uncovered, and a young man's character will be put to the test in The Smuggler's Gambit.
"...Perfectly paced with characters and dialogue so real the reader feels they are right in the middle of the action. I found this well-researched, finely-crafted tale to be altogether plausible. No doubt, this book will leave you yearning to find out what's next for Adam Fletcher." - Kevin Duffus, author of The Last Days of Black Beard the Pirate


Sterling silver and tumbled (or reclaimed) sea glass

Captain Rodney's All-Natural Glaze, Sauces & Salsa

Boucan Pepper Glaze
Peach BBQ Sauce
For over twenty years, I criss-crossed the Caribbean in search of a pirate’s treasure. What I found instead were some of the most amazing flavours imaginable, and now I share them with the world. On my return to the States, I set out to combine these tastes into a collection of unique recipes that capture the true flavour of the islands. Authentic tastes of the Caribbean, made using my exacting all-natural recipes, in small, open-pot batches, to ensure the best quality. Only the finest will do for the Captain’s table, so I use pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup, locally grown fresh produce and the best spices and peppers of the Caribbean. Our very best, for your table, you have my word on it. - Capt. Rodney-Pirate, Retired

Jezebel Sauce
Mango Salsa
      Captain Rodney’s All-Natural Glazes are revolutionizing quick and easy cooking. They can be brushed on as a glaze for any game, fish, fowl, beans or vegetables. Straight out of the bottle, they make the perfect dipping sauce for chicken or shrimp, quick and easy to use, always ready to add just the right amount of sweet spice to any dish. These glazes are added after cooking or at the table, just brush it on chicken, pork or fish or use as a dipping sauce and you get full, rich flavor without the time and trouble of a traditional marinade. No marinating, no long waits, just easy, all-natural flavor.
  • Boucan Pepper Glaze is the perfect way to add flavor to any dish. Part of Capt. Rodney's Cheese Bake recipe. 
  • Temptation of Jezebel Sauce is sweet and tangy, made with tropical pineapples, sweet apples, cracked black pepper and a little horseradish. Great for glaze over meat or veggies or as an appetizer with cream cheese and crackers. 
  • Peach Barbeque Boucan Sauce stems from a centuries-long tradition used by Caribbean pirates to preserve wild boar for long sea voyages - resulting in a delicious meat called "Boucan" - thus boucan-eers. This sauce is a combination of wines, spices with a fresh peach twist for a barbeque sauce like no other. 
  • Mango Caribbean Salsa will add a taste of the islands to any dish.
Captain Rodney's Cheese Bake is awesome!!  RECIPE

BEE BY THE SEA - Natural Products

       The incredible healing properties of Sea Buckthorn have been well known and documented in Eastern Europe and Asia for centuries but only recently has it been recognized in North America.
       Sea Buckthorn is known to combat dry skin, fade age spots and help prevent and treat wrinkles. The miracle fruit also aids in the healing skin.

Body Cream - Jar & Tube
Rejuvenate your skin with Bee By The Sea’s signature Body Cream. The light, non-greasy formula is naturally scented with 100% sweet almond oil and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. It can be used anywhere from head to toe! 

Body Wash 
Gentle, lathering Body Wash is a great alternative to regular soaps if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Face Cream 
Rich coconut oil and Shea butter face cream is infused with Sea Buckthorn oil to rejuvenate and perfect skin tone. It goes on smooth, smells fresh, and is non-greasy. Enjoyed by both men and women, a little goes a long way!

Beauty Soap
All-natural, cold pressed Sea Buckthorn and honey soap is the perfect solution for dry, irritated, or sensitive skin. Its long-lasting formula is ideal for the whole family including your pet!

Lip Balm 
Spearmint, Wildberry and Vanilla
The creamy, smooth and all-natural lip balm is great for dry, chapped lips. Made with organic ingredients, beeswax and Sea Buckthorn, this nourishing and hydrating lip balm is sure to keep your lips soft and smooth all day long. 
     The fruit and plant oils are ideal for skin due to their high levels of the following nutrients: Omega 3s, Vitamin C, Vitamin E (the second highest natural source in the plant world), Beta Carotene and 18 amino acids, corticoids, tocopherols, flavenoids.
     Bee By The Sea’s natural skincare line is specifically formulated with Sea Buckthorn fruit, seed, and pulp oils in combination with honey, royal jelly, and other healthy ingredients to nourish your skin.

Plimsoll Tees

The Plimsoll Mark, established by Samuel Plimsoll in the 19th century, continues to provide safe passage for many a mariner today. The symbol found on all sea-going vessels provides a graphic illustration of just how much cargo a ship can load and still be balanced, and safe to sail.

From the 1830s, there had been public outcry about the number of souls who had been lost at sea, due to ships trying to carry as much cargo as possible from one port of call to another. A member of the British Parliament, Plimsoll identified these vessels as “coffin ships” in his 1873 book Our Seamen. Through his passionate speeches, Plimsoll gained the attention of the House of Commons, forcing laws that would protect sailors for years to come.

Despite global advances in technology, the Plimsoll Mark continues to be the line that keeps all things balanced at sea – a visual reminder of how important it is to measure our load and lighten when necessary. It’s simplistic at best, but it is a vital mark for all areas of life; a symbol that can easily translate to career, health or fitness.

“We all have a Plimsoll Line…a point where, for the sake of health, happiness and plain common sense, we should not attempt to shoulder more responsibility, however important, than we can intelligently handle.” –Author Unknown

Swansboro - The Friendly City by the Sea

Swansboro native Jack Dudley has published his 2nd Swansboro book - Swansboro: The Friendly City By the Sea. Jack had not planned a 2nd Swansboro book, but kept running across great photos while doing other research and still had 100s of slides he hadn't used in the first book.

This book is full of original old photos culled from various sources, including The History Place, North Carolina Archives & History and Swansboro residents—many photos people living today have never seen. Extensive research, for the informative captions, will help readers know more about the people, places and what day-to-day life was like during Swansboro’s history.
Photo from a Swansboro 
Historical Association reception 
at historic Palo Alto Plantation
(Swansboro, NC History)

Though a book of historic Swansboro photos, the book also gives insight into early life along the coast of Onslow and Carteret Counties, villages that communicated and even courted by sea. 

What Dudley calls his “’last will and testament’ to Swansboro,” will be a fundraiser for the Swansboro Historical Association.

This and Swansboro – A Pictorial Tribute are lasting contributions to the community where Jack Dudley grew up. As in the first book, Jack's work was inspired by friend and Swansboro historian Tucker Littleton. 

The Workboats of Core Sound

The Workboats of Core Sound
Stories and Photographs of a Changing World
Written and photographed by Lawrence S. Earley

Along the wide waters of eastern North Carolina, the people of many scattered villages separated by creeks, marshes, and rivers depend on shallow-water boats, both for their livelihoods as fishermen and to maintain connections with one another and with the rest of the world. As Lawrence S. Earley discovered, each workboat has stories to tell, of boatbuilders and fishermen, and of family members and past events associated with these boats. The rich history of these hand-built wooden fishing boats, the people who work them, and the communities they serve lies at the heart of Earley's evocative new book of essays, interviews, and photographs.

In conversations with the region's fishermen and boatbuilders, the author finds webs of decades-old social history and realizes that workboats are critical in maintaining a community's memories and its very sense of identity. Including nearly 100 of Earley's own striking duotones, this richly illustrated book brings to life the world of a fishing culture threatened by local and global forces.

"An important book, both a wonderful tribute to Down East fishing communities and a wrenching testament to the changes associated with forces far beyond a fisherman's control."
--Barbara Garrity-Blake, Duke University Marine Lab, Beaufort, N.C.

Lawrence S. Earley, former editor of Wildlife in North Carolina magazine, is a freelance writer and photographer living in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is author of Looking for Longleaf: The Fall and Rise of an American Forest.

Deck Prisms and Fishing Floats

Deck prisms were used for centuries aboard sailing ships to provide a safe source of natural light below decks. Set into the decks catching the sunlight and filtering it through the diamond like inserts, prisms were used to refract light into the lower quarters of ships. These replicas make wonderful paperweights or nautical accents. A lighted base is available for the larger deck prism.

The glass floats or fishing floats were once used by fishermen to keep their nets afloat. Around 1840, Norway was the first country to start production and use of glass fishing floats. Japan started using the glass floats as early as 1910. By the 1940s, glass had replaced wood or cork throughout much of Europe, Russia and North American. These replica glass fishing floats are nice accents in coastal homes and cottages.

Gourmet Bounty - Blue Crab Bay Company

In 1984, a young woman named Pamela Barefoot had a dream — to move to Virginia’s isolated eastern shore and survive with her creativity. The rural coastal peninsula, bounded by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, offered a blank canvas for entrepreneurial opportunity, inspiring Pam to start her own business. Driving around the back roads in 1985, she envisioned items such as spice blends for clam and crab, two seafood species prevalent in the Chesapeake. The dream that started on a back road became a reality--jobs were created as products developed. Today the Blue Crab Bay line features outstanding award-winning products.  

Southern Living – "Bloody Mary mix and tins of snacks from Blue Crab Bay put all the others to shame.

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 of these award-winning treats...

Tide Clocks

5" TIDE - Dark Oak
6" TIDE - Beach Scene   
Dark Oak or Cherry
9" TIDE - Cherry
9"  TIME and TIDE - Cherry

Sea-related Soaps

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap - Mineral rich salts naturally obtained from sea water are used in the bath because of their tonic action and softening effect on the skin. Wash with Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap for an invigorating and refreshing shower or lather up for a skin-healthy shave. 

Swedish Dream Seaweed Soap - Active marine algae extracted from select seaweed acts as a protective moisturizer and nutrient for the skin. The removal of dead surface cells allows the soap to prepare the skin to be moisturized while showering. This soap is a gentle clarifier, removing impurities, leaving the skin ultra fresh and clean.

Hand-painted Mini Sculptures and Magnets

Rebecca Duffy Bush's award-winning designs in free-standing small sculptures and magnets. Laser cut from steel, these will brighten up any space. 

Rust-resistant primer and a clear-coat sealant make these sculptures perfect for many different functional uses - photo holders, business card holders, jewelry stands, Christmas tree ornaments, toothbrush holders, or just for a splash of color.  

Each piece is individually hand painted and signed. Available as octopi, crabs, sea horses and mermaids.

Core Sounders - Living from the Sea

For the Core Sound residents of Eastern Carteret County, commercial fishing has been a way of life for three centuries. But the sustained seclusion that has protected their culture is fast eroding. The traditional character of the community is challenged on all sides by development, pollution and globalization, with the family fisheries and their heritage hanging in the balance. Culled from hundreds of hours of interview and documentary footage, this Core Sounders DVD paints a vivid portrait of life on the water and conveys the profound sense of belonging that defines life on the edge of the sea.  

A film by Neal Hutcheson, produced by Walt Wolfram
 A production of The North Carolina Language and Life Project

Blackbeard's Flagship the Queen Anne's Revenge

"Blackbeard’s Flagship the Queen Anne’s Revenge," created by the discoverer of the shipwreck, Captain Mike Daniel. The design was created in Old-World style cartography by artist Carol Winstead Wood, who is currently teaching firm production at UNC Greensboro.

The 24" x 18" image, printed on high quality leather-like paper, contains a unique portrait of Blackbeard and includes the shipwrecks of the Queen Anne’s Revenge and the Adventure including their location per Captain Daniel.

Jim Wordsworth

Lighthouses of NC
Styron Fishhouse on Taylor's Creek
A self-taught artist, Jim Wordsworth makes Rocky Mount his home base. As Jim travels the North Carolina Outer Banks, he continues to document coastal villages and historic landmarks. His collection now includes some sixty signed and numbered coastal North Carolina prints - produced from his original watercolors. Scuttlebutt carries several of Jim's images.
Historic Beaufort, NC 4 1/4 x 13

"Time Out" 9.5"x13"
"Beaufort Stopover" 9"x13"

"On the Boardwalk" 9"x13"

Cindy Burnham - Photographer

Cindy Burnham is a freelance photographer as well as the assignment editor and senior photographer at the Fayetteville NC Observer. Her work has repeatedly been recognized by both North and South Carolina press photography associations and the National Press Association.