HISTORIC BEAUFORT NORTH CAROLINA - A Unique Coastal Village Preserved - Researched and Compiled by Beaufort artist, researcher and historian Mary Warshaw
     This 200-page volume focuses on ALL (285) Beaufort's unique collection of historic homes built from the 1770s to the early 1900s. Within this account are 150 plaqued home and 135 historic homes yet to be plaqued—all presented street-by-street, with images and histories of the families who called them home. Also included along these streets are historic buildings and sites. Special pages present Beaufort's 300 year history, as well as research on the Coree Indians, Taylor's Creek, Piver's Island, Gallant's Channel, Rachel Carson Reserve, Beaufort bridges, and Beaufort architecture.
     Through her study of deeds, family records and other sources, Warshaw discovered more accurate dates for many of the historic homes, including when, and by whom, the Hammock House was built—a house long assumed to be the "White House" seen on early 18th century maps; four pages are dedicated to this important discovery. More...
The Workboats of Core Sound
Stories and Photographs of a Changing World
Written and photographed by Lawrence S. Earley

Along the wide waters of eastern North Carolina, the people of many scattered villages separated by creeks, marshes, and rivers depend on shallow-water boats, both for their livelihoods as fishermen and to maintain connections with one another and with the rest of the world. As Lawrence S. Earley discovered, each workboat has stories to tell, of boatbuilders and fishermen, and of family members and past events associated with these boats. The rich history of these hand-built wooden fishing boats, the people who work them, and the communities they serve lies at the heart of Earley's evocative new book of essays, interviews, and photographs.

SPIT TO WINDWARD and Other Stories by William L. Simpson - Readers will experience the adventures of two fishermen brothers aboard their beloved B&T, an ancient Carolina gillnetter as they work the waters of the Carolina sounds and creeks. Even though they cannot read or write, these seasoned watermen are self-reliant and resourceful. Of particular interest are the many detailed descriptions, including for instance, unique and indigenous fishing techniques such as feeling for mullet, listening for "bugs," and setting a channel net. At the heart of the book, however, is the fishing community as a whole—the relationships and interactions that extend across generations of men who work the water. More...

SWANSBORO – A Pictorial Tribute by Jack Dudley. After completing his formal education in the ‘60s, Jack Dudley returned home with a long-time dream—to make a lasting contribution to his community. His work with historian Tucker Littleton resulted in finding and documenting photographs long-removed by residents and descendants who had relocated to various parts of the country. Dudley’s extraordinary compilation of archival photographs and the accompanying text portray life in Swansboro from the early 1900s to the 1950s. Scuttlebutt also carries Jack Dudley's other books. 
SWANSBORO - Friendly City by the Sea
Swansboro native Jack Dudley has published his 2nd Swansboro book - Swansboro: The Friendly City By the Sea. Jack had not planned a 2nd Swansboro book, but kept running across great photos while doing other research and still had 100s of slides he hadn't used in the first book.

ANN STREET INN COOKBOOK - Beaufort, North Carolina is a collection of the recipes of innkeeper Donna Roane Babington. Located in the historic William Jackson Potter House circa 1832, the inn is a very popular bed & breakfast, serving home-made quiche, various breakfast casseroles and even fried grits. Donna grew up, loving to cook, in Louisiana's Cajun country, where "everything revolves around food." Once the owner of a catering business in New Orleans, she fortuitously settled in Beaufort and began her life as an innkeeper in 2005. Donna still carries on the traditions of her roots and wholeheartedly believes every meal, no matter how simple, is a celebration!

SEA WITCH, Shackleford Banks, Admiral Blackbeard & New River, North Carolina by Lobo Blanco - This book contains the story of the migration of the Shackelford family and related kin during the 18th century. The main story begins with Roger Shackelford (1629-1704) who had captained a Pirate/privateering vessel in support of Oliver Cromwell in the Caribbean Sea and Mary Palmer (1635-1729) whom Roger had rescued from the Pirates. Mary’s family had participated in the initial funding of the first vessels sent with migrants from England to America in 1607. Roger and Mary marry (1659) and raise their family in Virginia. The Shackelford sons, John and Francis, migrate to the outer sea banks of North Carolina, soon engage in fighting the Indians. They patent a plantation on the west side of North River in 1708 and acres on the “Sea Banks” in 1713—John’s western portion later became known as Shackleford Banks. 

BEAUFORT: AN ALBUM OF MEMORIES is a photographic history of the town from the Civil War era through the 1950s--a pictorial documentation of Beaufort's charming streets, buildings, homes and harbor scenes. Author Jack Dudley, a Carteret County resident, applies his avocation of photography and historical research to document many once isolated coastal communities in his Coastal Heritage Series.

BOGUE BANKS - A Look Back by Jack Dudley is a photographic history of Bogue Banks from the early 1900s through the 1960s. In addition to providing a documentary of landmarks and activities of the past, another intent of this volume is to emphasize the artistic merits of the photographs. Over 300 images gives visitors and newcomers an insight into Bogue Banks' colorful heritage and the native Bogue Bankers and other Carteret Countians an opportunity to relive their past.

THE COASTS OF CAROLINA - Seaside to Sound Country by Bland Simpson and Scott Taylor - This book captures the vibrancy of the North Carolina oceanfront, sound country, and interior shores behind the barrier islands. Scott Taylor, who has been photographing the coast for almost thirty years, and Bland Simpson, whose many coastal books have delighted readers for two decades, come together to offer an inviting visual and textual portrait organized around coastal themes such as nature, fishing, and community life, with an emphasis on particular places and seasons. Evocative text is woven together with 145 vivid color images to present a unique and welcoming vision of the coastal region.

CLOSED ON TUESDAYS by Beaufort Grocery Company. The title of this book was inspired by the day the restaurant has always been closed. This book is 128 pages of delicious family & restaurant recipes, 30 amazing photos & a beautifully painted cover by John Silver. Beaufort area photos were provided by a local photographer and friend Scott Taylor.
THREE CENTURIES OF SEAFARING - The Maritime Art of Paul Hee -150 paintings by Beaufort resident Paul Hee. Some, like Louisa Bliss Departs Beaufort for the Gold Rush, and CSS Nashville Runs the Beaufort Blockade, were specially commissioned for the book. The Carolinas chapter showcases seafaring moments off the southeast Atlantic coast. Paul passed away September 26, 2011.

BEAUFORT-BY-THE-SEA: Journey Back in Time This illustrated heritage guide to Beaufort, NC presents nearly three centuries of coastal life in this vintage seaport with 300 images and work by local artists and writers. With humor, insight and respect, authors Rick and Marcie Carroll tell the stories of folks who've inhabited this seaport since the eighteenth century.
SEA OF GREED by Doug McCullough - The account of the drug seizures that eventually led to the takedown of Panama’s notorious dictator Manuel Noriega. When the Coast Guard hailed a Gulf Coast shrimp trawler near Cape Lookout, NC on the 4th of July weekend 1982, the routine stop set in motion a chain-of-events that ended with the U.S. invasion of Panama, overthrow of dictator Manuel Noriega, and one of the biggest drug busts in America’s history.

BEAUFORT’S OLD BURYING GROUND, North Carolina by Diane Hardy, Mamré Wilson and Marilyn Collins – This book is a fascinating treasure trove of little-known seacoast stories and legends that have shaped Beaufort’s identity from its maritime roots before the Revolutionary War. In the Old Burying Ground, you will enjoy a visual tour of one of the East Coast’s most interesting and historic cemeteries, where you will learn the stories of patriots, privateers, and pirates who played a strategic role in the area’s history.

A STORY OF NORTH CAROLINA’S HISTORIC BEAUFORT by Mamré Marsh Wilson. The Beaufort community is shaped by its waterside location, flanking Taylor's Creek, Town Creek, and the Newport River. As one the state’s earliest settlements, visitors are drawn to the town's ambiance and historic houses—glimpses of a serene and gilded age. In this captivating history, author Mamré Wilson walks readers through the rich past and intriguing community that is Beaufort.

LET US KEEP THE FEAST in Historic Beaufort by the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Women, Beaufort, NC. Rich in history and beauty, historical Beaufort is the backdrop for this community cookbook. Containing a collection of time-honored traditional and contemporary recipes as well as specialties from area restaurants and businesses, it also features beautiful local artwork. Proceeds from sales will be returned to the community through outreach programs supported by St. Paul's Episcopal Church Women.  
COASTAL WATERS: IMAGES OF NORTH CAROLINA, by Beaufort photographer Scott Taylor, captures scenes from in and around the Core Sound, Cape Lookout, Swansboro, Beaufort, Ocracoke, Shackleford Banks, Cedar Island and Portsmouth. "What a wonderful thing it is to behold—and to experience—the work of such a highly skilled lensman..."—Bland  Simpson

The Wild Horses of Shackleford Banks by Carmine Prioli and Scott Taylor, is a comprehensive overview of the famous Shackleford herd—its possible origins and development, its hardiness in the face of hurricanes, its complex relationship with humans, its hard-won protection within Cape Lookout National Seashore. The book's plentiful illustrations—both archival and contemporary show why the Shackleford horses are so beloved among visitors to the Outer Banks. 

TWELFTH SUMMER was the first in a series of eight books featuring the life of the young lady Sarah Bowers who spends her summers at her grandparent’s in historic Beaufort, North Carolina. This book is set in the midst of World War II in the town made famous by other authors such as Nicholas Sparks in a "Walk to Remember." The books start in her 12th summer and end with her 22nd birthday, graduation from college and marriage. It is historical fiction as told by life-long resident and author Kay Salter. Scuttlebutt has the series including the latest, Seventeenth Summer.

SEVENTEENTH SUMMER  Sarah Bowers, now a young lady of seventeen, is anxious to have her portrait done by her dear friend Leland Davis. However, Sarah is shocked and dismayed to find Leland's idea of a location is a windswept beach. Barefoot, with carefully-curled hair in disarray, the girl with enormous gray eyes stares unsmiling into the camera. Her face, framed by long-stemmed sea oats bowing gracefully in the sea breeze, becomes a point of interest in Leland's studio for years to come.

THE OUTER BANKS COOKBOOK: Recipes & Traditions from NC's Barrier Islands by Elizabeth Weigand - At seafood counters during the spring, big hunks of jewel-red tuna, chunks of firm, white-fleshed grouper and thick fillets of striped bass (rockfish) line the ice.  And consider the oyster, a star attraction during colder months. What do you do with such gastronomic treasures? MORE..

In the new 2nd edition of The Last Days of Black Beard the Pirate, author Kevin Duffus discloses new information about how Black Beard was cornered and attacked at Ocracoke in 1718, why he tried to escape rather than fight back, and how his life might have been spared had he lived for three more weeks. New research reveals the true meaning of a mysterious letter found in Black Beard’s possessions, and that many of the 25 pirates who remained with Black Beard after the wreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge were sons of North Carolina families. MORE... Call or email inquiries on other books in our Pirates and Piracy category. 

Shifting Loyalties - The Union Occupation of Eastern North Carolina by Judkin Browning - In the spring of 1862, Union forces marched into neighboring Carteret and Craven Counties in southeastern North Carolina, marking the beginning of an occupation that would continue for the rest of the war. Focusing on a wartime community with divided allegiances, Judkin Browning offers new insights into the effects of war on southerners and the nature of civil-military relations under long-term occupation, especially coastal residents' negotiations with their occupiers and each other as they forged new social, cultural, and political identities.

The ISLAND: Personal Impressions by Dr. Charles R. Davis: Lots of stories have been written about Harkers Island in recent decades; stories mostly about the purchase of the island, the "bankers" migrating from Diamond City and the establishment of the Core Sound Museum at Shell Point. However, Davis' book relates the real story of Harker's Island from 1730 forward to the present. The 404-page volume includes over 100 original photographs, maps, charts, diagrams, deeds, wills, letters, telegrams, genealogies, as well as a detailed index. 

FISHING NORTH CAROLINA'S OUTER BANKS - The Complete Guide to Catching More Fish from Surf, Pier, Sound and Ocean - by Stan Ulanski
This is a trusty tackle box tool for planning fishing trips to the Outer Banks and for understanding the underwater setting of the fish you're out to catch. Focusing on the essential but often misunderstood links between recreational fishing and the biology, geography, and natural history of the region, Fishing North Carolina's Outer Banks fosters an understanding of the aquatic environment of one of the nation's prime fishing destinations. 

THE BATTLE FOR NORTH CAROLINA’S COAST – Evolutionary History, Present Crisis, and Vision for the Future – by Stanley R. Riggs, Dorothea V. Ames, Stephen J. Culver and David J. Mallinson
The North Carolina barrier islands are one of the most beloved areas to live and visit in the United States. However, extensive barrier island segments and their associated wetlands are in jeopardy. Four experts on coastal dynamics examine issues that threaten this national treasure. Revealing the urgency of the environmental and economic problems facing coastal North Carolina, this essential book offers a hopeful vision for the coast's future if we are willing to adapt to the barriers' ongoing and natural processes. 

Landmarks of the Northern Outer Banks by Jack Dudley is a photographic journey into the history of North Carolina's Outer Banks from the Virginia-North Carolina state line to Oregon Inlet. It features a collection of over 350 indelible images from numerous photographers who, between the late 1800s and first half of the 20th century, captured on film the nature, people, events and structures destined to become landmarks. Nine photo-chapters provide a pictorial documentary of the lighthouses, lifeboat stations, rustic beach cottages, churches, schools, and post offices along with many of the area's natural treasures. Jack Dudley is the author of twelve books including Carteret Waterfowl Heritage, Outhouses along the White Oak River, Swansboro, Morehead City, Beaufort, Down East, Ocracoke, Bogue Banks, and Newport: The Town with Old Fashioned Courtesy.

Core Sound Child - Learn about life as a Core Sound child through the thirty original paintings by Lena Ennis of Newport that serve as the illustrations for the newly-released children’s book by Gay Piner Mason.

War Zone-World War II Off the North Carolina Coast by Kevin Duffus - A history of the time the enemy entered America’s front door unhindered, when the United States suffered but overcame the German U-boat menace. For seven months, black smoke and orange flames from torpedoed vessels filled the ocean skies from New England to New Orleans. Explosions rattled window panes and the nerves of coastal residents. Beaches were awash with wreckage, oil, empty lifeboats, and bodies. The majority of these attacks occurred off the North Carolina coast. 
Just Yesterday on the Outer Banks by David Stick

This book celebrates the history of Carolina's Outer Banks with photos and text that highlight shipwrecks, lighthouses, beaches, erosion, fishermen, snow geese, Outer Banks ponies, and even picket fences. Celebrated author and historian David Stick's gentle prose accompanies photos by renowned photographer Bruce Roberts.

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