In the King's Name & The Invasion Year

Captain Adam Bolitho Sails Again 
in Alexander Kent's New Novel 
In the King's Name

English novelist Douglas Reeman, a master storyteller of the sea, from the time of Nelson to the twentieth century, has been thrilling readers around the world for over 50 years. Under his pen name, Alexander Kent, the former Royal Navy officer continues to chronicle the adventures under sail of Richard and Adam Bolitho. As Douglas Reeman, he writes about naval action during the twentieth century, with a primary focus on Britain's Royal Navy. At present, he has more than 34 million copies of his books in print.

Dust wrapper excerpt ... “It is 1819, and Captain Adam Bolitho is ordered once again to Freetown in West Africa with secret orders for the senior officer there. The slave trade has been outlawed by many nations, but a hundred thousand slaves are still shipped out annually, the profit for slavers considered worth the risk of interception by the Royal Navy. For Adam, newly married and as fiery as ever, Africa will bring reunions and unexpected allies, and a treachery that wears the mask of friendship, and threatens the very heart of all he loves.”

Douglas Edward Reeman was born 15 October 1924. Sixteen-year-old Reeman joined the Royal Navy in 1940. He served during World War II and the Korean War and rose to the rank of lieutenant. The author saw plenty of action in WWII. He was blown up twice, had ships sunk out from under him, and once spent eleven hours bobbing around the cold North Sea before being rescued.

Reeman began to write books after he had finished his naval career. He wrote novels about the war under his own name, but discovered there was a huge audience of readers hungry for tales from the Great Age of Sail. He took the pen name Alexander Kent, the name of a childhood friend who did not make it home from the war. In addition to writing, Reeman has also taught the art of navigation for yachting and served as a technical adviser for films.

Dewey Lambdin’s Latest Book – The Invasion Year

Lambdin's high-seas adventure series featuring the roguish Captain Alan Lewrie continues with The Invasion Year. The book takes Captain Alan Lewrie from the shores of Haiti to the English Channel to defend Britain from Napoleon's planned invasion. After reluctantly saving the last French citizens left on rebellious Haiti, Lewrie finds himself invited back to London to receive honors from the King. Thanks to King George III and his uncertain mental state, the moment ends with a surprise for Lewrie -- if not for King himself!

With little time to recover, Lewrie soon finds himself back at sea. Word has it that Napoleon is preparing for an invasion across the Channel. Lewrie will not just be keeping watch, however. The British government hopes to test out a newfangled weapon called a "torpedo," which to date seems nearly as dangerous to the attacker as it is to the target.

Born in 1945, Dewey Lambdin is the author of thirteen previous Alan Lewrie novels and an omnibus volume. A member of the U.S. Naval Institute and a Friend of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, Lambdin has been a sailor since 1976, and he spends his free time working and sailing. He makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee, but would much prefer Margaritaville or Murrell’s Inlet.

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