The Outer Banks Cookbook
Recipes & Traditions from NC’s Barrier Islands
by Elizabeth Wiegand

At seafood counters during the spring, big hunks of jewel-red tuna, chunks of firm, white-fleshed grouper and thick fillets of striped bass (rockfish) line the ice.  And consider the oyster, a star attraction during colder months. What do you do with such gastronomic treasures?
In THE OUTER BANKS COOKBOOK:  Recipes & Traditions from NC’s Barrier Islands, you’ll find out how to buy, store and cook seafood available year-round on the East Coast, with recipes from contemporary restaurants on the storied Outer Banks and from local home cooks who pluck oysters, clams and fish from the Sounds and the nearby Gulf Stream.
There’s tuna with sesame and wasabi, or tuna with udon noodles and oodles of vegetables, along with pan-roasted grouper, or rockfish baked in the traditional Outer Banks style.  The Primer on Grilling provides tips and salsas to liven up grilled fillets.  Find out how to make oyster stew or fritters or how to have an oyster roast.  The Outer Banks Cookbook has over 150 traditional and contemporary recipes.
You’ll also be entertained with stories from old-timers and sidebars, like how the Wright brothers thought they might starve before their first flight, or how pirates and Native Americans roamed the sand banks.

Reviewers call The Outer Banks Cookbook “a loving ode to beach cuisine,” “chockfull of history, down-home stories and recipes from local chefs,” and “not just an homage to the past……many recipes represent what contemporary chefs are doing in their best restaurants.”  The Baltimore Sun based an article, “Eating on Staycation,” on The Outer Banks Cookbook.

Elizabeth Wiegand is a North Carolina native whose articles have appeared in The Washington Post, Southern Living, Our State, and other regional publications.