Plimsoll Tees

The Plimsoll Mark, established by Samuel Plimsoll in the 19th century, continues to provide safe passage for many a mariner today. The symbol found on all sea-going vessels provides a graphic illustration of just how much cargo a ship can load and still be balanced, and safe to sail.

From the 1830s, there had been public outcry about the number of souls who had been lost at sea, due to ships trying to carry as much cargo as possible from one port of call to another. A member of the British Parliament, Plimsoll identified these vessels as “coffin ships” in his 1873 book Our Seamen. Through his passionate speeches, Plimsoll gained the attention of the House of Commons, forcing laws that would protect sailors for years to come.

Despite global advances in technology, the Plimsoll Mark continues to be the line that keeps all things balanced at sea – a visual reminder of how important it is to measure our load and lighten when necessary. It’s simplistic at best, but it is a vital mark for all areas of life; a symbol that can easily translate to career, health or fitness.

“We all have a Plimsoll Line…a point where, for the sake of health, happiness and plain common sense, we should not attempt to shoulder more responsibility, however important, than we can intelligently handle.” –Author Unknown