Captain Rodney's All-Natural Glaze, Sauces & Salsa

Boucan Pepper Glaze
Peach BBQ Sauce
For over twenty years, I criss-crossed the Caribbean in search of a pirate’s treasure. What I found instead were some of the most amazing flavours imaginable, and now I share them with the world. On my return to the States, I set out to combine these tastes into a collection of unique recipes that capture the true flavour of the islands. Authentic tastes of the Caribbean, made using my exacting all-natural recipes, in small, open-pot batches, to ensure the best quality. Only the finest will do for the Captain’s table, so I use pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup, locally grown fresh produce and the best spices and peppers of the Caribbean. Our very best, for your table, you have my word on it. - Capt. Rodney-Pirate, Retired

Jezebel Sauce
Mango Salsa
      Captain Rodney’s All-Natural Glazes are revolutionizing quick and easy cooking. They can be brushed on as a glaze for any game, fish, fowl, beans or vegetables. Straight out of the bottle, they make the perfect dipping sauce for chicken or shrimp, quick and easy to use, always ready to add just the right amount of sweet spice to any dish. These glazes are added after cooking or at the table, just brush it on chicken, pork or fish or use as a dipping sauce and you get full, rich flavor without the time and trouble of a traditional marinade. No marinating, no long waits, just easy, all-natural flavor.
  • Boucan Pepper Glaze is the perfect way to add flavor to any dish. Part of Capt. Rodney's Cheese Bake recipe. 
  • Temptation of Jezebel Sauce is sweet and tangy, made with tropical pineapples, sweet apples, cracked black pepper and a little horseradish. Great for glaze over meat or veggies or as an appetizer with cream cheese and crackers. 
  • Peach Barbeque Boucan Sauce stems from a centuries-long tradition used by Caribbean pirates to preserve wild boar for long sea voyages - resulting in a delicious meat called "Boucan" - thus boucan-eers. This sauce is a combination of wines, spices with a fresh peach twist for a barbeque sauce like no other. 
  • Mango Caribbean Salsa will add a taste of the islands to any dish.
Captain Rodney's Cheese Bake is awesome!!  RECIPE