This painting of Scuttlebutt and neighboring shops 
on the Beaufort waterfront was done about 2000 
by well-known watercolorist Jim Wordsworth.
Doreen and Jim Warner originally opened Scuttlebutt on March 15, 1993 at 126 Turner Street. The grand opening, scheduled for the 13th, was postponed due to an unusual March “hurricane” which resulted in a brand new sign crashing to the ground and a “flashlight” opening two days later.

In the fall of 1995, Scuttlebutt moved from their Turner Street location to 433 Front Street—a space that was originally Potter’s Dress Shop, owned and operated by James Hollister Potter III and his first wife Virginia. After Virginia’s death in 1978, a convenience store occupied the space, leased to Bob Croom and operated by his son David. Immediately after that Sarah Simpson ran a resort wear shop in the space—Sandi’s Beachwear. 
Harvey J. "Jim" Warner

Other shops in the watercolor include The Ladies Shop, Fabricate, Clawson’s and Fishtown Alley. Before 1996 there were four or more shops in "Fishtown Alley," originally a P.H. Rose store built in the ‘30s. The space was then incorporated into Clawson’s Restaurant expansion—creating the present entrance and Clawson’s Pub. Fabricate still occupies the same location. Another shop—The Ladies Shop—was operated for years by Sarah and John Jones, who lived on the corner of Front and Orange Streets. After their retirement Barbara Paerl took over the space and slowly transformed it into Ibis.

Since 1993 Scuttlebutt has been a legendary fixture on the Beaufort waterfront—headquarters for all things nautical. The shop has an outstanding collection of nautical books, cruising guides, navigational charts and an ever-changing inventory of decorative items, handcrafted jewelry as well as toys for seafarers of all ages. Open daily—stop by to see why Southern Living described Scuttlebutt as “the place to find something unique to Beaufort.”